Print Edition: January 2013

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Q. I have purchased a 42-inch 3D LED TV, the LG LM6400. I want to have a living room set-up where I can permanently link my laptop, iPad and Tatasky set-top box to my television. I want screen mirroring over Wi-Fi and it's my dream to be able to stream TV content to my Apple devices. I'd like all these things happening simultaneously using as few equipment as possible. Funds are not a constraint. Shakti Singh Rathore, on email

G&G: Belkin has launched its Screencast AV 4 wireless in India recently. It can beam content from four HDMI/AV devices to your TV by creating a wireless network of its own. You can keep your devices anywhere within 100 ft connected to the device. All you need close to the TV is a receiving box. For me, this seems the best solution for your needs. To stream TV content to your apple devices, you have the very complicated Slingbox solution which has HD as well as the new TVPLus from Belkin which is easy to use but does not support HD.

Q. I currently have a PC which I have been using for about five years. It has Intel Core 2 E7500 @ 2.93GHz, 500 GB HDD 2GB RAM and runs Windows XP. I want to retain the keyboard, mouse and monitor and replace other components. Of course, I'm waiting for Windows 8. I don't use my PC for games since I have a PS3. I use it mostly for movies, music, document editing, browsing, etc. Can you please recommend how to go about assembling all the new parts, since I'm doing it for the first time? Sivkan Puri, on email

G&G: Since you want to use Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, there is no point in retaining anything other than your keyboard, mouse and monitor. Even these will be considered redundant perhaps. I suggest you acquire a new CPU as per your specs, or get one customised to fit your needs. Since the existing set-up is five years old, whatever you salvage will have a short life span. You can customise or order CPUs from most of the brand websites. You can also build a computer from scratch with the hardware that you need, but we are not sure you have the expertise for it. We will try and explain how to rig a new desktop for Windows 8 in one of the coming issues of G&G.

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