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Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries from smartphones to televisions.
Print Edition: December 2014

Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries from smartphones to televisions.

Q. I wish to buy a 40-inch LED TV, but my budget isn't that high. I want to get one under Rs 30,000. I am not running after brands such as Sony, Samsung or LG. are there any options for me worth conside ring? - Amit, on email

A. Vu Technologies, a California-based company, has recently introduced its new range of LED TVs. Available on Flipkart, the company's 40-inch LED TV was available for Rs 25,000 sometime ago. You can also consider Toshiba, Micromax, etc. Chances are that you might get a decent TV within your budget.

Q. I am planning to buy a smartphone in the Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 range. I am confused between the Moto X, iPhone 5S, Nexus 6. please suggest one? - Mohit, on email

A. I suggest you choose between the Moto X 2nd generation and the Nexus 6. The Moto X 2nd gen is a great device and suits your budget. The Nexus 6, which will cost around Rs 44,000, has yet to be launched in India.

Q. I wish to buy the new iPhone 6 but I am sli ghtly confused . Is it worth buying, or should I go for the iPhone 5s? Al so, is there any bendgate issue with the iPhone 6? Does the iOS 8 hang? - Neeraj Gupta, on email

A. The iPhone 6 is a great device, much faster than the iPhone 5s. Another big plus point of the iPhone 6 is its bigger display and better camera. As far as the Bendgate issue goes, there wasn't any that I experienced with my review unit. Also, very few phones had this issue and I haven't heard of anyone facing this issue in India. Last, the iOS 8 works smoothly on the new iPhones. Even if you decide to buy an iPhone 5s now, it will be upgraded to the iOS 8 by default.

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