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Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries from smartphones to televisions.
Print Edition: February 2015

Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries from smartphones to televisions.

Q. Tata Sky is advertising about Cricket World Cup 2015 to be st reamed in 4k resolution. How can I watch th e world cup in th is resolution?Sheetal, on email

A. A few selected matches will be streamed in 4k resolution. For this, you need to have a 4k TV and a 4k set-top box. We have a story in this edition of Gadgets & Gizmos you can refer to. However, other than the selected matches, there isn't any 4k content available readily.

Q. How is Xiaomi Mi4? I was planning to buy one. My budget is Rs 25,000. Shall I go for it?Ritwik, on email

A. Xiaomi Mi4 is a good device for Rs 19,990 but it has only 16GB online storage and does not support an expandable memory card slot. This means the user accessible memory is close to 12GB, which might not be sufficient. I will suggest you to consider OnePlus One for Rs 21,990, which comes with 64GB internal storage and has got a similar set of specifications.

Q. I want to buy an Android smartphone, and have zeroed in on th e Moto g 2nd generation and th e Samsung Galaxy S3 neo. But now, I can't decide wh ich one to buy. While th e Moto g 2 has bett er softw are support and runs vanilla android apart from almost no bloatw are, th e Galaxy S3 neo sc ores bett er wh en it comes to specs , and has a bett er design. Please suggest as i will use my new smartphone for minimum tw o years.Ari, on email

A. Between Moto G 2nd generation and Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, I will suggest you go for Motorola 2nd Generation as for this price, it is a deal. The Motorola Moto G has superior hardware.

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