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     Print Edition: July 2013

Gadgets & Gizmos readers get their tech queries answered-

Q. I was looking at the Xolo Q700 and Micromax A115. Are these phones inferior to Samsung Flame Duos and Nokia Lumia 520 in quality? - Gaurav Gupta, on email
A. Yes, in terms of hardware they are inferior to the Samsung and nokia Lumia smartphones. We have not yet reviewed the Xolo Q700, but the Micromax A115 is a decent performer.

Q. I have connected my home PC with a BenQ projector and connected all audio out with my philips HT system with 2+2 speakers. But while watching movies my sound effect was not up to the mark, especially for movies playback. Do I need to upgrade my system? If so suggest me best high-end/future upgrade configuration. - V.G.Magesh Kumar, Coimbatore
A. You might need to upgrade to a 5.1 system, provided you have a soundcard that is compatible. The best bet is to get a new soundcard installed with 5.1 output and buy a 5.1 system. The other option is to buy a set that uses prologic to give a 5.1 output from a 2.1 source. Also, see if your existing system has this option, maybe that is why you have muffled sound.

Q. Please suggest me a phone for around Rs 20,000. I want a phone which looks and feels premium. Also I have an option to buy iPhone 4S for Rs 25,000. Should I take it? - Rajan Arora, on email
A. If you have the option of buying the iPhone 4S for Rs 25,000, then you should go for it without any second thoughts. The best options for Rs 20,000 are the Samsung Galaxy Grand, Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Nokia Lumia 720. If you can stretch your budget, go for the LG Nexus 4 at Rs 26,000.

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