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Print Edition: December 2011

Q: I had some important pictures on my iPhone which got deleted by mistake. I had taken a data backup some time ago and so tried to restore pictures from that backup. I restored data from the backup to my iPhone through iTunes. However, some of the pictures are still not opening when I click on them for a larger view even though the thumbnail view shows those pictures. Are the pictures corrupted? How can I restore the? I would like to have them because they are of importance to me. Kindly assist me.
Sivkan Puri , on email

G&G: Since you have already backed up the data but are not seeing them in full view after restore, we would suggest that you to go for a manual factory reset of your handset. This can be done by visiting 'Settings' and then 'General' and scrolling to the bottom for 'Reset'. (Factory reset deletes data, so back up new ones). Once done, plug in your iPhone to your PC and launch iTunes. While syncing, select the option, 'Restore from the backup'. It will take some time but will restore all the data that was backed up. Hopefully, this should solve your problem and you will be able to access all the images.

Q: I have an old PC and its motherboard is an HIS Model: M50-61. It only supports184-pin DDR SDRAM. I have 80 GB hard disk space and I don't know about graphics but they are very low as I can't run GTA: San Andreas game on it. I wanted to upgrade my PC, but the engineer told that I needed to change my motherboard to install a new SATA hard disk and a DVD writer. Can you suggest good models in which I get 500 GB hard disk space and graphics that can run the latest games like FIFA 12, PES 12 and others. I also need a good DVD writer and an Intel i3 processor. My budget is Rs 20,000. I wish to buy a soccer game but I am confused between PES 12 and FIFA 12. What is you suggestion?
Devansh Chawda , on email

G&G:  The problem with your query is your budget. For Rs 20,000, it would be very difficult to find a branded desktop with the sort of specifications that you want, which mainly are a huge hard drive and a good graphics card to run some popular game. At a little over Rs 40,000 you could bring home the HP Elite M 9400 (320 GB HDD and NVIDIA 9300GE graphics card). If funds are a big constraint, you would have no option but to go to a local dealer and wrangle a deal on an assembled PC. The review of FIFA 12 was published in the November issue of G&G. PES 12 is yet to reach us. However, the reviewer of FIFA 12 enjoyed the game.

Q: Since the time, Samsung announced its Galaxy Note at the IFA Berlin, I was excited about this device. As the company claims, it can compensate for both a smartphone and a tablet. I wish to know whether this is true or not. Also, it apparently comes with a stylus. But can it be used only at certain places or is compatible overall with the device? Is the Note worth buying?
Rishi Jain, on email

G&G: The Samsung Galaxy Note is a neat device. Technically, since a SIM card can be installed on the device, it can be used for calling. But the 5.3-inch display makes the device fairly awkward to hold for calls. As for its tablet functions, it has the capability to replace a 7-inch tablet. As a tablet, its size makes it extra portable. Also, the stylus works across the device and is not just an app.

Q: I am interested in buying the Canon IXUS 105 camera. What are your views on it?
Jayarajan Ayanika, on email

G&G: G&G did not review the Canon Ixus 105. But according to reviews that appeared elsewhere, it has both its good and bad points. It is an affordable phone and takes fairly decent amateur shots. However, it does not have a superfine mode and you will only get images of a lower megapixel count. For a bit more, you could get the much better Canon Ixus 210. Both these cameras were released in the first half of 2010. In the one and half years since, a lot of new products have come into the market. Check out the new Nikon and Canon compacts for bargains and performance.

Q: What is the difference between a DVD writer and DVD player?
Starter41@yahoo.com , on email

G&G: A DVD writer is capable of playing DVD content as well as creating it, meaning you can burn video, audio, pictures, etc on a DVD disc with a writer. A DVD player, on the other, only plays DVD content. It cannot create DVD discs.

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