Print Edition: February 2013

Q: I brought a Lenovo Y500 laptop from the US last month. Since the laptop came with Windows 8 and only one partition of 930GB, I used Easeus Partition Manager to make smaller partitions. But the process corrupted the OS and the partition converted into gpt partition type. I have re-installed Windows 7, but the Wi-Fi and touchpad driver are not working now. There is no serial key of Windows 8 in the bottom sticker by which i can insert key for Windows 8 disc borrowed from my friend, it only says Windows 8 with purple colour. What are my options?

G&G: We contacted Lenovo and got to know that the model service is not supported in India. Since the customer did not exercise the option to create a recovery CD in the beginning before changing the partition information or installing Linux., this is now outside the purview of Lenovo's services in India. However, as a very exceptional case, Lenovo has promised to attempt and get an out-of-the-way help from their US counterparts.

Q: I installed Windows 8 and tried to connect to the Internet. But it doesn't connect though my USB Dongle. Is this a problem with my PC or Windows 8? Is there any solution for this? My Micromax MMX352G data card is not being detected by Windows 8. Does Windows 8 do not supports Wireless Internet connection or it is the problem with my PC? It was working very well in Windows 7. Is there anything you or I can do about this?

G&G: Windows 8 has no problem with wireless connections. In fact, the OS has been designed for a 24/7 connectivity. Yours seems to be a PC problem acquired in the upgrade. One of the solutions could be to download the Wi-Fi drivers for your laptop again. Also, it would be good to check if your winsock or the TCP/IP stack has been corrupted in the upgrade process. To reset them, type the following two commands into an elevated command prompt one at a time hitting enter after each one then reboot the system. netsh winsock reset catalog (reset winsock entries) netsh int ip reset reset. log hit (reset TCP/IP stack) For further assistance, you can contact Microsoft customer care on 1800-102-1100.

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