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Print Edition: February 2012

Q: I am planning to buy a new smartphone and my budget is between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000. I have shortlisted Samsung's Galaxy R, Galaxy S, Wave 3 and the new Omwia W. What do you suggest, or is there something better? I have not used Android, Bada, or Windows Phone OS in the past. I want to use Android because it has better apps and games after the iOS. - Saurabh Sah, on email
G&G: Considering your budget and the options mentioned by you, I would like to recommend the Samsung Galaxy R. This phone operates on Android v2.3 and has a dual core processor as well. The other option is the Omnia W which is on Windows Phone operating system. However, with the Omnia W you won't get many apps and games to download.

Q: I want to buy a camera for Rs 5,000. Which is the best camera in that range? Also how do you transfer photos from your Windows laptop to iPad2? - Piyush ,on email
G&G: We feel Rs 5,000 is a bit too low to buy a good camera and you get better devices around the Rs 10,000 mark. Most low-end cameras have good mega pixel ranges, but the sensors won't be that good. Still, Nikon Coolpix L23, Samsung ES30, Fujifilm FinePix C20, Sony CyberShot DSC-S3000 and Olympus VG-110 seem to be good bets for under Rs 5,000.

To transfer pictures from a Windows phone to iPad you will need to load iTunes on the laptop and sync it with the tablet. Just copy the photos you want transferred into a separate folder and select it in iTunes to copy the contents to the tablet as it is a bit tough copying stuff from multiple folders.

Q: Can you share some details about the Idea 3G smartphones and the place where it will be available in New Delhi. - Rachit Singh, on email
G&G: Idea has introduced two Android smartphones in the market. Both the handsets are 3G enabled and run on Android v2.2. With a 3.2 MP camera onboard, one has a 2.8-inch display while the other has a 3.5-inch display along with features such as GPS Navigator software, FM radio and MP3 Player, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Social Media Apps. These handsets should be available at the Idea Cellular stores across the city.

Q: Please let me know whether HP Pavilion notebook model G6 1201 TX has been discontinued by the company or not? - Kshitij Roy , on email
G&G: We checked with HP, and the G6 1201TX is a running model. In fact, it is the top model in the G series. The specs of the model undoubtedly are the best in the segment. Go ahead and get your hands on it if you want to.

Q: Is the iPhone 4S better than the Samsung Galaxy S II? Abhimanyu, on email
G&G: Both the smartphones operate on different operating systems, so it will not be possible for you to rate one device over the other. However, in our opinion the iPhone 4S scores over the Galaxy SII, thanks to features like the iOS 5 with Siri and Twitter integration, the awesome 8 MP camera, etc. The battery life can be a bit of an issue at times and it still has a 3.5-inch display. On the other hand, the SII has a 4.3-inch display and looks good. Running Android Gingerbread, the phone handles everything smoothly, but unfortunately, it will not get the full IceCream Sandwich upgrade. Instead, if you can wait, check out the Samsung Galaxy Nexus when it gets launched.

Q: I am fascinated by the HTC Amaze 4G which was launched in the US recently by T-Mobile. I would like to know whether this phone or any variant will be launched here in India soon? - Issac Solomon, on email
G&G: Considering the specs of the Amaze 4G, the 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM along with the 4.3 inch display, we don't have any similar device in the country yet. The maximum processor speed at the moment is 1.2GHz dual core found in Samsung's Galaxy SII and the Note. So wait for a while if you plan to buy a smartphone, because in January a lot many phones on quad-core processors will be announced internationally. So of them will come to India soon.

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