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     Print Edition: September 2013

Q: I want to purchase a laptop with decent features for rough use. I am a website administrator and battery life is important as I have to be online throughout the day. My budget is Rs 35,000 and want Windows 8, good web browsing speed and connectivity.  - Srinivas Rao

G&G: We recently tested the Sony Vaio F15 and we think it fits your requirements perfectly. See our special section in best laptops under Rs 40,000 in this issue.

Q: I am a regular subscriber of G&G and owe a lot of my gadget solutions to you. I am looking for a projector for my room, something in the price range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. I want to connect my PC, MacBook Pro, TV cable connection and 5.1 surround system to it. Will I get something with Wi-Fi capability in this price range? Please advise. - Lalit Nagulapati, on email

G&G: We suggest you try the Joybee GP2 or GP10 from BenQ. They are well priced and have features that are versatile and easy to use. The GP10 for instance creates a wireless network of its own to which you can connect any device and beam content.

Q: I need to buy a laptop for work. I am looking for good battery back-up, sturdy built and capability of handling up to 14 hours of work every day. I have shortlisted HP Pavillion and Dell Inspiron 14R. What do you suggest? Saurabh Nolakha , on email

G&G: The Dell Inspiron 14R is a good buy from your shortlist. Try and buy the one with the touchscreen. Also, look at the Sony Vaio F15 which we have suggested in the first letter. There is a review inside.

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