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Team G&G        Print Edition: August 2013

Having trouble with your laptop? Would like to boost your cell phone's capabilities? Want advice on what camera is best for your needs? Write to us with all your queries and we will have experts answering them.

Here are a few that came in recently -

Q. I am looking for an LCD/LED computer monitor that is at least 18 inches, has good picture quality, built in speakers, can be mounted on the wall and has all popular input options. My Budget is up to Rs 14,000. - HITESH S

A. There are lot of options in this price range. Why don't you look at the Viewsonic 23-inch VX2370Smh-LED at Rs 13,500? It is a larger size than you had in mind and LED too.

Q. I want to buy a laptop. I like the MacBook Air, but since I am pursuing engineering I need to open a lot of software that will run only on Windows. I can install Windows using Bootcamp II, but will Windows in Mac support all software? If not, which Ultrabook will you recommend? The device has to look good, with Intel Core i5 or i7(3rd gen), at least 4 GB ram, graphic card, SSD, ethernet and an optional optical drive. - MAN HOODA, ON EMAIL

A. MacBook Air is definitely the best choice. You can also buy Parallels Desktop 8 to get Windows (and other OS) into the Mac. It is a seamless experience and all software will run on it. The Dell XPS 15R is a good option in Windows with the specs that you need.

Q. I wish to buy a phone in the range of around Rs 10,000. I need it to have good Internet speed to access the Indian Rail website as part of my work and a good battery life. Nokia is my preferred brand. What do you suggest? - NISHIL TRIPATHI, ON EMAIL

A. With your price range and preference, the Nokia Lumia 510 is the best option. It is also more durable that other options in this price range. Android phones in this range might not be very durable.

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