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A Lifelong Connection

The company gives top preference to internal candidates while hiring leaders
Ashutosh Kumar | Print Edition: April 4, 2021
A Lifelong Connection
Tapomoy Deb, Vice President, HR, JK Lakshmi Cement

JK Lakshmi Cement follows a unique approach while appointing people in leadership roles. "We offer key strategic positions to our internal talent even if they are only 60 per cent ready," says Tapomoy Deb, Vice president, HR. Nearly 95 per cent leadership roles have been given to internal talent.

Respecting the employee's individuality for successful integration with the company's culture is the core human resource philosophy of JK Lakshmi Cement. "The informal environment means one can ask even the most discomforting question to anyone," says Deb.

The company believes in lifelong employment and helping the person grow, expecting, in return, a tacit commitment for a prolonged association. But times are changing, and retaining talent in a fast-transforming professional ecosystem where tech startups offer novel experience to millennials is becoming a challenge.

"A typical manufacturing company will not offer the experience of working in a tech giant. So, we have to realise that people are here for a limited time. One can offer them the best experience and draw value from them, so that the association is worthwhile for both," adds Deb.

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