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From financial support for work from home to 'Covid leaves' that can be used for care-giving responsibilities to paid sick-time for oneself, Facebook has been offering it all
twitter-logoNidhi Singal | Print Edition: April 4, 2021
More Cash in Hand
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"At Facebook, we help care for our people so they can focus on our mission of bringing the world closer together." While the social networking giant is known for its perks, flexibility in managing schedules and the latest technology to work for, it is the holistic approach focused on employee wellness that defines the company. From mental health to financial support, Facebook offers it all.

The company has a robust offering that gives access to free therapy and coaching sessions for employees and dependents, as well as mental health services through its medical plans. It has been encouraging employees to take paid leaves to take care of themselves during Covid. The set of 'Covid leaves' can be used for care-giving responsibilities or emergency time off. There is also an unlimited paid sick-time employees can use if they are unable to work due to physical or mental health issue.

The company, which has adopted full-time work from home till the end of June 2021, isn't just reimbursing employees for Internet ($75/month), but offering financial support, including a one-time ($1,000) payment for employees, as well.

Its vibrant employee resource groups have also come together to support one another, holding frequent community check-ins and self-care sessions.

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