Business Today Archive April 13, 2014 Issue

Edition: April 13, 2014

Editor's Note
At Business Today, we celebrate start-ups every year with a special issue. This year, we have a set of 16 start-ups varied both in the spaces they operate in and the business models they leverage for most value.

A well-researched and incisive take on the core problems facing India.

Featuring: Mark Eyers, Srinivasan Dwarakanath, Sanjay Bhatia and Soren Skou
Leadership Spotlight
Rajat Jain, MD, Xerox India says his first job taught me the fundamentals of sales and people management, and helped me understand the meaning of professionalism and meritocracy.
Mumbai-based Jain says Silver Screens, the cineplex he opened in Rajnandgaon, achieves 70 per cent occupancy on most days and also attracts people from nearby villages. This is despite keeping the average ticket price high at Rs100 with premium tickets priced at Rs150.
Do you focus too much on the task at hand and miss the helicopter view of what you do and what you want to be? Take a step back.
BT More
Pascal Tingaud, chef par excellence, suggests champagne and food combinations for your finer sensibilities.
This refers to your cover story The New Nano Promise (March 30). What is common between Tata's Nano, Reliance Infocom (now Reliance Communications), and the brokerage industry?

Mumbai's top HR executives discuss their role in developing future leaders and keeping employees engaged.

The trend is most visible in local units of multinational companies or in sectors such as technology where the workforce is relatively young, educated and upwardly mobile. Many organisations are also allowing employees to accumulate more earned leave.
According to data by private equity research firm VCCEdge, exits through buybacks have steadily increased in recent years, from 11 in 2008 to 50 in 2013. There were a total of 172 exits last year. Buybacks were the second most preferred exit route after open market transactions (60).
Russian Raj: By annexing Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin has esclated tensions with the West. Apart from suspension from the G8 club of nations, Russia faces economic sanctions.
LBS Case Study
This case study looks at how Gillette innovated in India by tailoring advertising and inventing a new product development process to reflect local shaving habits.

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