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Edition: April 18, 2010

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Sports the next big thing

Cricket-largely thanks to the IPL-is where the action is. But the big money sloshing around could go a long way in the creation of a broader sports ecosystem.
Changes in the insurance sector now mean that vehicle owners can not only negotiate basic premium but also use the money saved to buy additional covers to get a complete coverage.
About 15 years ago, you were lucky to get a 19.2 kbps connection to the Internet. Today, we are starting one gigabyte per second trials.
Editor's Note
"For sports, India has to be the last huge market and possibly the biggest opportunity on the planet today." The March 21 auction of the two IPL teams bears out this prophecy made by a UK-based sports consultancy firm in October 2008.
After a meltdown in the US financial landscape led to the worst recession since the 1930s, global business has been searching for an alternative to the shareholder-led model of the Western world.
The US-based science giant DuPont will need to scale up its manufacturing efforts if it has to squeeze more growth out of an opportunity filled Indian market.
There is a need to involve the private sector in creating facilities that are sustainable and can serve communities as well.
In the meltdown aftermath, recruiters look for specialist skills even in temporary employees.
Mobile phones are modern day's version of the Swiss Army Knife.
Flash memory deserves a lot of credit for the digital device explosion of the past decade.
Here is a take on people, places and products doing the round these days.

"Subhiksha is a retail equivalent of Satyam. It's an out and out fraud, there's no question about it"

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