Business Today Archive April 3, 2011 Issue

Edition: April 3, 2011

Cover Story

Making 500 mn people employable

Making 500 mn people employable

Dozens of businesses and a concerned government get down to training India. Saumya Bhattacharya and Shamni Pande join the dots on India's skilling revolution.
Indian investors have always believed in bank deposits. Now mutual fund houses are trying to woo them through customised schemes.
Editor's Note
Skill and labour shortages are starting to cause economic pain in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which go to the polls in mid-April. The DMK has turned Tamil Nadu into a deficit welfare state, while tourism is dropping off and West Asia turmoil is imperilling remittances in Kerala.
The authors find some order in the universe of leadership, says Somnath Dasgupta.
Rajat Gupta , 62, was one of the first Indians to break the race barrier at a global consultancy firm when he was appointed Managing Director of McKinsey & Company in 1997.
Leadership Spotlight
Managing Partner of Baring Private Equity Partners (India) Pvt. Ltd Rahul Bhasin talks about his leadership style.
After the failed Parkway bid last year, Singh brothers of Fortis bounce back with a spate of global buys. Can they lead in the Asian healthcare market?
Arvind P. Datar says every budget in our country seems to pursue a single-minded agenda of raising the tax rates without any concern for the manufacturing and service sectors.
Companies seek specific traits and attitudes in new hires. Do you have it in you?
Alto is the world's largest selling hatchback, no mean feat for a car in its 10th year.
Business Today's cover package Budget Deficit (March 20) has given an unbiased report on the Budget 2011-2012, unlike leading newspapers.
Discover your city on bicycle. Tour operators are springing up to help you do so.
In the nine months since the iPad's initial launch, Apple had sold 15 million of them. With net sales totalling Rs 41,400 crore, iPads accounted for 90 per cent of the tablet market. But will Google's Android operating system prove a spoiler for the iPad 2?
Case Study
Hit by the Forest Conservation Act, ITC chose the difficult option of farm forestry and came up trumps.
The India Country Office's director of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation writes on why philanthropy should be strategic, and the cause is dearest to his heart.

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