Business Today Archive April 4, 2010 Issue

Edition: April 4, 2010

Cover Story

More misses than hits

Nokia's history in services has been a roller-coaster ride with more lows than highs.
Getting share certificates dematerialised can sometimes become an exasperating journey. BT alerts you about the key hurdles along the way.
For Vivek Pandit, life is a constant balancing act.
Editor's Note
Why should a company that controls over 60 per cent of the market for a product look to diversify from that product?
What will it take for India, currently the 11th largest economy in the world, to become an advanced economy in one generation? This well-produced ADB study has answers that will be of interest and use to businessmen doing long-term planning.
Leadership Spotlight
Here are excerpts of a small Q&A with Harsh Manglik, Chairman & Geography MD, Accenture India.
A clutch of third-party manufacturers made it big in the downturn, as organised retail fought for better margins and customers looked for bargains. What next?
Back of the Book
A peep into methods of performance evaluation shows a shift from pedantic to plain. And, it's all about managing expectations right.
BT More
Arnaud Mirey, Moet Hennessy's Asia-Pacific Regional Brand Ambassador, on cognacs and cocktails.
Uniformity in application of tax on all goods and services is most important.
Sectors worst hit during the slowdown make a fast recovery.
Making sense of the Budget (Welcome to UPA's New Economic Order, March 21) reminds me of the story of the three blind men strugglingto describe the elephant from touching different parts of its anatomy.
Should your next computer have a touch screen?
Do your homework well. One bad move can mess up your entire career.
Case Study
Chennai's MRTS carries just about 10 per cent of the commuters it was meant to, making it a case study in bad urban infrastructure planning. What can revive it?
"It is best to free the prices. The saved money can then be given directly to the poor through anti-poverty initiatives"

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