Business Today Archive August 22, 2010 Issue

Edition: August 22, 2010

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India's best fund managers

India's best fund managers

Given that Indian markets had gone through a boom-and- bust cycle in the past three years, find out how India's mutual fund pros manage your money - and deliver the goodies.
High dividend stocks have also outperformed the Sensex, making them sound picks.
There's nothing wrong in aspiring to be a London or a New York, but Mumbai should first try to get close to a Dubai or a Beijing.
Editor's Note
Have you heard the story about Warren Buffett, the 215 millionaires, and the coin-flipping orangutans? It takes some telling and you will have to buy a biography of the Sage of Omaha to read it.
Out of the four volumes that are now available, this is the one that will be of most interest to the non-economist, says Bibek Debroy.
A small set of hotel chains shows that eco-friendly practices help boost profits, not just a caring image.
Our governance systems are the relics of an era long abandoned - something I call "Sovietism". We are littered with 'para-stratal' organisations and undemocratic practices.
BT More
Jean-Frederic Dufour, CEO, Zenith
Working from the outside is more fun, some HR veterans find.
Fortune in Farms
Betting on Farms (BT cover, August 8) points to the shift in agriculture.
Megapixels no longer count in a digital camera, image processors do.
Here is a small Q&A with N. Srinivasan, Vice Chairman and MD, India Cements
Blimps are the latest addition to sporting events in India. The IPL contests featured blimps; the Commonwealth Games is getting a similar showpiece equipped with cameras and lights. So, how do these fish objects fly?

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