Business Today Archive August 9, 2009 Issue

Edition: August 9, 2009

Cover Story

'I have seen people slip up on simple home truths'

Here are the excerpts from a free-wheeling interview with Kotak Mahindra Group founder Uday Kotak.
With the 26-year-old civil war coming to an end in Sri Lanka, India Inc. is on the threshold of a never-like-before opportunity to do business with the island nation.
Editor's Note
Know about Uday Kotak's journey from bill discounting in 1984 to creator of a financial conglomerate with a market value close to Rs 20,000.
Collins charts the demise of big companies and finds that in most cases indisciplined growth, arrogance, and big bets without empirical validation are culprits.
The who, what and where of this fortnight.
The TVS Motor Company CMD tell us a few of his business secrets.
AI assets must be worth several thousand crores—the Nariman Point building itself should be worth a couple of thousand crores.
Pranab Mukherjee’s Budget shows a lack of appreciation for the principles of both capitalism and socialism
60 minutes
Praful Patel says the merger of two commercial firms, Indian Airlines and Air India, has not gone too well with people.
Effective and substantial critiques given to employees can go a long way in changing the face of organisations.
Case Study
Jack of all foods, Nirula's, has been confounded - if not confused - by the onslaught of the kings of niche foods. But its perceived weakness could become its key appeal and strength, says Shalini S. Dagar.
Indians and Chinese are an anxious lot, but it’s not the slowdown that’s got them worried, finds JWT’s recent “Anxiety Index” study on consumer concerns.

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