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Kids driving India's consumption

Kids driving India's consumption

Some 400 million kids below the age of 15 are India's most conspicuous consumers, lapping up not just toys, gadgets, phones and clothes but also counselling parents on big ticket purchases.
In the concluding part of the series on celebrity investors' strategies, Sameer Bhardwaj tests James O'Shaughnessy's method.
The trickle down theory, which hit mainstream economic consciousness in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan in the United States, was turned on its head at the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit mid-November.
Editor's Note
Money's burning a hole in our pockets, and kids who know exactly what they want - and what they want their parents to want - are powering this shopathon.
In his latest book, agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan notes the challenges that India faces on the farm front and offers solutions. He tells BT's N. Madhavan that the government's initial successes made it complacent and India again faces a crisis. Edited excerpts:
The story about a boy who neither spoke nor understood a word of English as a first-year student of engineering but went on to become one of India's leading industrialists has been told several times.
Leadership Spotlight
The MD of 3M India Ajay Nanavati talks about what works for him.
It would be naive of me to suggest that we in the microfinance sector did not know that a problem was brewing; we were just hoping it would never come and some of us were wondering when it would.
BT More
Sandeep Arora heads south and checks out the bars in Bangalore and Chennai. Here's his pick of the best watering holes for discerning tipplers.
Realising 'right-fit' leaders are critical to sustaining growth, companies scurry to build a robust leadership pipeline - and some of them are succeeding.
The Most Powerful Women in Indian Business (BT cover, November 28) is a unique platform that brings together a bevy of successful women to share their experiences, hurdles and triumphs in the corporate world.
Business Today's seventh Most Powerful Women in Business Awards Nite was a celebration of feminine achievement.
Video game consoles are changing the way humans interact with digital devices.
Entrepreneurs rush into the microbrewery business as Indians show a preference for fresh beer.
The current stock market rally seems to be on a much stronger footing than the one in fiscal 2008, but investors need to be vigilant, argues Rashesh Shah.

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