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Edition: December 14, 2008

Cover Story

‘‘We can wipe out our losses in three years?

Can the ‘King of Good Times’ survive the turbulence in the current aviation downturn? In an exclusive interview that started well past midnight and continued for over two hours at his residence on Delhi’s tony Sardar Patel Marg, Mallya shed light on what has been dragging Kingfisher down and how he will get the airline flying high again.
After a prolonged period of good times, it is time to tighten your purse strings. BT tells how.
In This Issue
Vijay Mallya’s aviation business has landed in a sea of red. Mallya has a survival plan, but he may need to look at drastic options to stay afloat. K. R. Balasubramanyam and Kushan Mitra go into the details.
Editor's Note
In a country where for decades profit wasn't something businesses were supposed to be proud of, starting a business that is based on making profit out of the poor is bound to be considered blasphemous. But what if one way to alleviate poverty is to profit from it? And what if this turns out to be the fastest and most direct way to reach the poor-without any help or intervention from the government?
Top Mind
Policy Watch
The global crisis has spilled from the international financial system into the real sector. Here’s what the UPA government’s game plan for dealing with it is looking like at the moment.
Reliance Industries (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani, with a net worth of $20.8 billion, is the richest Indian in the world. Ambani has displaced Lakshmi Mittal, according to a list of the nation’s 40 richest people compiled by the Forbes.
Reporters Diary
House hunting in the NCR is akin to a picnic— take the day off and visit several properties and property dealers, haggle till your tongue drops off and then haggle some more. BT reporters go incognito across five cities to find out what’s the best deal your money can buy against a developer’s listed price.
This is a must-read for all sports marketers, but the absence of prescriptions makes it incomplete, says Harish Bijoor.
Here’s a two-part quiz. One: Are you happy with the size of your biceps? And two: Why not?
BT More
Printed Circuit
The Fiat Linea will have an integrated Bluetooth system to hook up your mobile. But your car, your mobile and your computer might soon become one entity.
Named one of the most powerful women in the world, Nancy M. Barry, 59, the Founder and President of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty and former President of the New York-based Women’s World Banking, is no stranger to the limelight.
Leadership Spotlight
Over a year after he quit as chief executive of Infosys, Nandan Mohan Nilekani, 53, is putting in place the final touches to his next career move that could see him morph into one of the country’s most respected think tanks on everything from IT to infrastructure.
Dollars are pouring in for telecom licences and scarce 2G spectrum, but the government isn’t gaining. A bunch of companies are. The Telecom Minister is to blame.
The economic slowdown has already impaired both performance and sentiments. But would things take a turn for the worse before they become better? We sift through key domestic economic indicators to analyse what’s in store.
Back of the Book
Nakur, magician of the sandesh, rides the globalisation wave. The latest addition to its variety is the sandesh filled with vodka, whisky, rum or brandy. Best of all, the price is in the same bracket as its usual range. Nakur plans to retail the liquor sandesh via its stores within the RPG Group’s Spencer’s Retail chain. Somnath Dasgupta reports.
As corporate India goes through this fundamental shift, how is it impacting the job market? One hint: downsizing isn’t the key objective, at least not as yet.
Compiling a list of India’s most valuable Companies (BT cover, November 30) can be an arduous exercise at the best of times.
Participants electrify the South Zone BT Acumen finals in Bangalore with their cerebral energy.

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