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Edition: December 30, 2007

Cover Story

Never too old to rock'n'roll

They spent their youth scrounging for stray scraps of the good life in the wilderness of the pre-liberalisation days. But that’s okay: Today, a chunk of this generation is older, wiser, richer—and furiously catching up with life as it should have been.
When you buy children’s insurance, keep your goal and her needs in mind.
In This Issue
There’s a common misconception that if you’re over 40, you can no longer build muscle.
Surprising insights emerge from the survey of the Indian male.

Editor's Note
Our sample size was 11,370 men from across 35 Indian towns and the survey, commissioned in June 2007, took nearly five months to complete.
Stereotypes are easy to form but notoriously hard to break. So, when one thinks of the typical Chennai man, the image that most comes to mind is of one dressed in veshti, vibhuti smeared across his forehead, extremely conservative in his outlook and, of course, partial to rice—with sambar, ideally.
Top Mind
Junk bonds are usually issued by companies that do not have any other option of raising money from the market.
Policy Watch
After several years of discussions with the Chinese, the government recently admitted that it was contemplating an India-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
News Maker
Kapil Dev must have been a satisfied man when the breakaway Indian Cricket League (ICL) successfully got underway on November 30 in Panchkula near Chandigarh.
The number of subscribers who have listed their telephone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid getting unsolicited calls. For more of such interesting numbers, read on.
The BT 50 Index
India's annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth could be 2 percentage points higher but for shortcomings in infrastructure. According to estimates, $450 billion (Rs 18 lakh crore) in investments is expected to flow into the sector by 2012. A snapshot:
Reporters Diary
A nondescript town in Kerala is turning into a healthcare hub.
Reich builds a case for why democracy has become a slave of capitalism. And how instead of the former dictating the latter, it is now Supercapitalism that is playing centre forward in the game of life.
BT More
Bring in the New Year by taking your pick from these exclusive items for yourself and your home.
You may have heard about the health benefits of antioxidants, but do you know what an antioxidant is? Here’s a low-down on them and how they actually work.
Printed Circuit
Despite certain shortcomings, the latest offering from Motorola is a very good device.
Amar Babu seems to relish the heat and dust of the fast-growing Indian market. Just months after moving to the US as MD, South Asia (Sales and Marketing Group), Intel, Babu finds himself back home.
Leadership Spotlight
In December this year, IBM India announced that it expected to touch the $1-billion revenue mark, becoming perhaps the first IT MNC giant to reach this landmark in India.
The BSE Sensex ranks #5 in Asia in terms of returns this year.
The Clarks Group of hotels enters the home-stay segment.
Back of the Book

It’s called the elixir of life. Not without reason: Farmers are getting a new lease of life cultivating tulsi the organic way.


I’m a B.Sc (Computer Applications) final year student and belong to a backward area of J&K. I have been working with NGOs for the last 3-4 years and am interested in Social Entrepreneurship. However, I am unable to decide between MSW and an MBA. Please advise.
There is every reason to be in the capital between January 10-17.
BT 500 throws up some new trends. For example, there are 46 new entrants this time, six of them from real estate. What is important is that they all add to the wealth of the country and also have made several individuals rich.
India Inc’s managers of tomorrow display the stuff they are made of at the sixth Business Today-Aditya Birla Group Acumen East Zone Finals.
60 minutes
He flies more than 300,000 miles every year and he flies commercial. So what does Bart Becht, the 51-year-old CEO of the UK-based household cleaner giant Reckitt Benckiser have to show for his hectic globetrotting? Plenty, actually.

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