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Edition: Feb 20, 2011

Cover Story

India's economy at risk

India's economy at risk

Misgovernance, slowing investments and rising capital costs threaten the India decade. Unless New Delhi acts decisively, sustaining the economic growth rate will be a big challenge.
The mutual fund industry is witnessing an exodus of investors, but it has not been able to come up with a definite plan to stop the outflow.
Editor's Note
Four weeks before the Finance Minister presents his annual Budget, we take stock of the macroeconomy.
The book is a well-written account of the emergence of strategy consultants, says Arun Maira.
Those who know Krishnan Ganesh call him a maverick, a maverick genius at that.
Leadership Spotlight
Founder, Chairman, MD and CEO of Subex Ltd Subash Menon talks about what works for him.
The state domestic product, or SDP, has expanded at a modest 5.5 per cent over the last ten years, making it an underperformer compared to other big states such as Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. But with elections around the corner, hope reignites in West Bengal, an economy most had written off.
AICTE controls have only facilitated the mushrooming of dubious management institutes, strangulating the growth of good ones in the process.
There is a leadership deficit on vision and people in India, says a new index.
The transition from a student to a working professional is often the most difficult situation. The Best Companies to Work For (BT cover, February 6) has provided freshers like me an insight into the flurry of thoughts that flood one's mind before taking up the right job
It has been a season of new beginnings for the Business Today-Honda Pro-Am of Champions, now in its 16th year.
Buoyed by cricket gear sales, SG pads up to open its innings in the sports apparel and footwear arena.
Why its demise is a cautionary tale for social networking business plans.
There was a compelling argument for setting up the FSDC despite reservations among regulatory bodies like the RBI or SEBI, says Vinod Dhall.
Executive Health
Light influences the body clock. Bad lighting at work can make you sluggish.

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