Business Today Archive Feb 3, 2013 Issue

Edition: Feb 3, 2013

Editor's Note
Start-ups always get our adrenaline going, and an able group of writers joined Das in telling the tales. Deputy Chief Photographer Shekhar Ghosh shot the cool cover and the gatefold after, helped by the intrepid pictures team.
Despite its problems, the region has immense business potential, says this book.
Starring: Amit Kumar, Vanitha Narayanan, Shravan Talwar, Vibhu Talwar, Saugata Gupta, Madhulika Sikka
Leadership Spotlight
Armin Bruck, Managing Director, Siemens Ltd; CEO, Siemens South Asia Cluster admires Deepak Parekh.
Many road projects are stuck due to delays in environmental clearances. The highway authority is lobbying to get forest clearance delinked from environmental clearance.
The US presidential election has deep implications for the country's immigration policy and also has lessons for governments around the world.
The cover story The Pipe Runneth Over (January 20) was thoughtprovoking. It is good to know that by 2020 India will get abundant fuel at cheap rates from many countries, which will make our subsidies shrink, and debt servicing easy.
Trends at this year's Consumer Electronics Show suggest devices and appliances will soon be much faster and smarter than before.
An increasing number of infotech and consulting firms are using psychometric tests to map the minds of job applicants.
Increasing taxes on the rich certainly makes political sense ahead of next year's general election. But economists involved in pre-Budget meetings oppose the move, saying it is more important to widen the tax base and improve compliance.
Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya has reassured employees that the airline will fly by summer with a Rs 650 crore infusion from the UB Group.
LBS Case Study
In 2009, British luxury brand Burberry, like its competitors, was still unsure of how to build a valuable presence in social media. This case study looks at how it eventually capitalised on the new medium - without eroding the exclusive, aspirational qualities that are core to the world of luxury.

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