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India's best-performing CEOs

India's best-performing CEOs

We present 25 top leaders of corporate India, who through long stints shepherded a range of companies and took them to greater heights. Visit INSEAD Knowledge for more insights into the CEO ranking and a video interview of Bala Vissa, one of the authors of the study.
The Top Six
Naveen Jindal | A.M.Naik | Y.C. Deveshwar | Bhaskar Bhat | Sunil Mittal | R. Sridhar | The other nineteen
The mathematics of return clearly favours company FDs and non-convertible debentures. As with any other investment option, the risk of losing money should be a key consideration here as well.
Editor's Note
Several weeks of discussion followed on an Indian version of the CEOs study with Balagopal Vissa, associate professor of entrepreneurship at INSEAD's Singapore campus.
Reporters Diary
Indians spend $25 billion a year on weddings. Planners, chocolatiers and even software makers are gatecrashing the party.
Want to create a success like the iPad or Nespresso? Demand has a bunch of good pointers.
Starring: Ajit Singh, Sudha Natrajan, Ilene H. Lang, Bal Mundkur, Shiv Inder Singh, George Soros
Leadership Spotlight
Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Zee Entertainment Enterprises shares his leadership style.
Analytics firm Mu Sigma, which dissects large amounts of data helping firms make sense of it, has gone from zero to $70 million revenues in six years and now employs 1,500; it expects to clock $110 million in 2012 with 2,100 employees.
The recently concluded 11th Auto Expo showcased interesting trends.
BT More
Science or pseudo-science? Here's exploring a contemporary phenomenon that puts a radical spin on cutting back calories.
The pain of breadwinners for no fault of theirs has been placed on record in BT's cover story, Pain, January 22. The Centre must craft strategies to change course into the positive channels of viability and development.
Technological advances are transforming the lives of the physically challenged.
Cultural influences affect business negotiations in the global village.
Case Study
Gujarat's power sector was in a shambles in 2001, when Narendra Modi became chief minister. A decade later it is in the forefront of states that have carried out sweeping power reforms, as a result of which it now has surplus power.
We've never pushed it as a poor man's car. We pushed it as an affordable all-weather family car. Period. I don't consider it to be a flop. I consider that we have wasted an early opportunity, says Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons.
Infosys, India's second largest IT exporter, reported encouraging results for the third quarter ended December 2011.
Smart executive
Doctors say earlier people were unaware of the health risks their office-ridden, computer-dominated lives posed. They recommend at the least a regular post-lunch stroll in the sunshine.

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