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Edition: Feb 8, 2009

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With job creation at a standstill and job protection being the prime concern, talk of salary hikes sounds out of place. But knowing how well you are paid compared with your peers in other industries will help.
Managers are racking their brains for strategies to beat the slowdown. But hotshots remain hotshots. We present 5th listing of India's young and happening executives.
Editor's Note
In our cover package for this issue, we not only go into the details of the fraud and explore how and why Satyam Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju turned to the dark side, we also bring under the spotlight the role of auditors and directors. With the help of a few chartered accountants and corporate lawyers, we trawled through Satyam's balance sheets of the past five years to look for the murky trail and understand how the auditors and directors missed the signs of what now seems to be a blatant scam.
Top Mind

What is it? A company called CPP is offering a service to store all your credit card details.

Policy Watch
How vulnerable are different sectors of the economy to global financial crisis?
By the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a task force on corporate governance to be headed by former Cabinet Secretary and India’s Ambassador to the US, Naresh Chandra. The task force would look at issues emerging out of the Satyam episode and make its recommendations.
Malcolm Gladwell tries to prove that success and geniushood are hardly innate traits that you acquire at birth.
Ever wonder why six-pack abs and bigger arms are considered trophy muscles while legs, quads and calves are hardly, if ever, spoken about at all?
BT More
Each month, we ask a beautiful woman about men, sex and relationships. This month, it’s Amrita Rao, model and now actress. She’s currently single and lives in Mumbai.
If reactions to the world bank’s ban on wipro Technologies were starkly different from that to a similar ban on Satyam Computer, the reason was the towering personality of Azim Premji, who has always emphasised the role of ethics in business.
The Internet is spreading its web rapidly in villages and small towns, finds a study by I-Cube.
Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes has blanketed much of Asia with his low-cost airline. Policy environment willing, he could shake-up the aviation industry in India, too.
On a number of occasions, we have been told, “Utna hi likhiye jitna mere Rs 7 a copy ki cost mein fit ho sakey.” So, information is rationed, pages trimmed and printing cost strictly controlled.
The cover (The Best Companies To Work for in India, BT, January 25) was very well researched. Microsoft India topped the list for the second consecutive year, and rightly so. I’m sure the company will be able to meet the challenges, especially the ones related to HR.
Corporates put slowdown uncertainties aside to come out in strength for a rousing start to the Bangalore round of the Business Today-Honda Pro-Am of Champions.
60 minutes
The Group Chief Executive and a board director of insurer Aviva Plc believes that the global financial crisis positions the insurance firms rather well.

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