Business Today Archive February 10, 2019 Issue

Edition: February 10, 2019

Cover Story

Sugar Goes Sour

Sugar Goes Sour

A glut has kept sugar prices low. The resulting arrears to farmers have become a headache for the government in an election year. Can it fix the problem?

Editor's Note
Pretty much everyone agrees that the problems of farmers are going to play an enormous role in the coming general elections.
Leadership Spotlight

He pulled back a three-generation-old family business from the brink of bankruptcy by betting big on innovation and diversifying beyond the flagship product line.

The Buzz
India's infrastructure spending is estimated to touch at least Rs 50 lakh crore by fy 2022, but the current pace of spending and development is slow.
The Hub
The hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth in services.
The Break-Out Zone
This is Xiaomi's first foray into the home audio segment in India.
Special Reports

Leasing of hotels has emerged as a promising business model, but a lot depends on the brands' risk appetite.

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