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PSBs need to raise Rs 4.6 lakh cr to stay in business

PSBs need to raise Rs 4.6 lakh cr to stay in business

And they have just four years to do so. The list includes State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Canara Bank.
Editor's Note
Business Today Editor Prosenjit Datta introduces the magazine's February 15, 2015 issue.
Events and people that made news recenly
Upcoming events in February 2015
Business Today readers give feedback on magazine's coverage of the February 1, 2015 issue.
Although YU is celebrating the success of its first online flash sale, the launch raises multiple questions that the company hasn't been able to convincingly answer.
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BT More brings you the very best in entertainment in February, from movie releases to books and music.

Fans of the Bold 9900 swear by its design, keyboard and trackpad. The all-new Classic is designed along the same lines.

The Reserve Bank of India's focus shifts from managing inflation to boosting economic growth, making a case for further rate cuts in 2015.
People and events that were in news recently
LBS Case Study
South Koreans have amongst the longest working hours in the world. UK's giant retailer sought to turn this to its benefit.

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