Business Today Archive February 21, 2010 Issue

Edition: February 21, 2010

Cover Story

"I still haven't sold my soul"

Shah Rukh Khan smilingly admits that punctuality is not one of his virtues, having made us wait five hours for the first interview.
This year will be more volatile for equity investments and will depend on how the Budget, monsoons, etc., pan out.
Editor's Note

Deal Watch
Himadri Chemicals and Industries' preferential allotment of equity shares to private equity firm Bain Capital for some Rs 590 crore will help the Kolkata company to grow its business.
The authors make an honest attempt to explain how companies should manage their most gifted and intelligent people. However, the book falls short on several counts.
What do Diageo, Moot Hennessy, Foster's, Red Bull and Carlsberg have in common in India? All these companies had Pradeep Gidwani, 45, play a role in setting them up.
Leadership Spotlight
The leadership lesson I remember best
Don't go crazy during the good times, and neither become despondent during a downturn.
MTV converts its "viewers" into "users" by transforming its programming and, therefore, its business model.
The Takeover Code should be amended with the objective of removing ambiguities and ensuring that its provisions reflect the best practices adopted globally.
As the telecom giant transforms itself from a devices company to one that provides complete mobile solutions, its top management learns vital lessons through "reverse mentoring".
The Best Companies to Work For (BT cover, Feb. 7) offers the perfect playbook to keep employees engaged and committed.
60 minutes
Started as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in 1902, 3M, as it is known today, has been the subject of many a case study in business schools for its culture of innovation.
A unique business model is helping TVS Logistics clock the fastest growth in the industry and spread operations across the world.
Google and Nokia have both made free turn-by-turn navigation applications on mobile devices. Are they any good?
Is Jaisalmer, the Golden City situated in Rajasthan's Thar Desert, in danger? Perhaps, if you believe ‘Threatened Wonders 2010' list compiled by UK's travel magazine Wanderlust.
Case Study
Harrisons Malayalam is transforming from a pure play plantation company to an FMCG player in search of growth. Can it succeed in making this sea change?
"I'd rather be a really good one-term President than a mediocre two-term President"
— Barack Obama, US President, to ABC News
Smart executive
As the US takes a hard look at top executive pay packages, does India Inc., too, need to introspect? Two views from experts.

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