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Edition: Jan 23, 2011

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Gujarat is India's new factory hub

Gujarat is India's new factory hub

Gujarat is India's new factory hub, a Narendra Modi gameplan that could vault it ahead of other states.
Is Gujarat setting an example for other states?
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Infrastructure funds are likely to do well despite their poor performance since 2008.
Keeping more people healthy in the hinterlands is a compelling business proposition.
Editor's Note
The Gujarat of Mohandas Gandhi and Vallabhbhai Patel has just turned fifty, and some would say that Narendra Modi is merely riding on the crest of centuries of entrepreneurial verve.
Reporters Diary
A tour of the sets of a reality TV show proves to be more fascinating than the eventual telecast.
Paul Rogers, co-author and Managing Partner for the UK office of Bain & Co, the consultants, talks about the secret sauce of business decisions in an email interview with Saumya Bhattacharya.
Starring Burberry Global CEO Angela Ahrendts, CEO Uday Sodhi, Opera Software co-founder Jon S. von Tetzchner, Idea Cellular MD Sanjeev Aga, IBM Dakh CEO Pavan Vaish and Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda.
Leadership Spotlight
The Founding Chairman and CEO of UTV Group Rohinton 'ronnie' Screwvala talks about what works for him.
Tata Steel's raw materials edge could be blunted by the demands of its European empire unless it gets hold of new reserves.
The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax is still mired in controversy and the govt, in attempting to accommodate the objections of the states, has completely distorted this levy.
Jobs are back and so are hefty increments.
India Central: How We Got Here, And What Lies Ahead (BT, 19th anniversary issue, January 9) is a magisterial account of our economic history and the progress we have made since the early '90s.
The Business Today-Honda Pro-Am of Champions ended an action-packed year with a weekend in Kolkata followed by Bangalore.
Someone should set up Angry Birds' Addicts Anonymous soon.
SEBI's Jalan Committee recommendations will perpetuate the monopoly of the National Stock Exchange, argues Joseph Massey.
Executive Health
That slouch is not just painful. You could be inviting early spinal degeneration.

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