Business Today Archive January 11, 2009 Issue

Edition: January 11, 2009

Cover Story

'The best advice I ever got'

BT asks the who’s who of India’s corporate world—as well as some professionals and leaders from other fields for good measure—to jog their memory and recall the best advice they ever got. What the advice was, who gave it to them and when, and how it helped them.
2008’s extreme wealth destruction put wealth managers in a spot of bother. BT surveys their market strategies, and what they learned from the crisis.
In This Issue
While the good old rules of work, such as high aptitude for learning, innovative mindset and sound functional knowledge never went out of fashion, this is the time to go the extra mile to stick to them. Report by Saumya Bhattacharya & Tejaswi Shekhawat.
The New Year may prove to be a game changer, with many companies opting for radical measures.
A BT primer on words that entered and exited the business lexicon.
Battered. Is that the right word to describe Ratan Tata now? The man, who could do no wrong after the twin buyouts of Corus Group and Jaguar-Land Rover, is suddenly looking more human.
Leadership Spotlight
Silly season is upon us, and the awards are being handed out left and right—to entrepreneurs, enterprises, politicians, just about anybody in the public eye. So, we thought we’d join in with a few nominations of our own.
BT More
From the kitchens of the European aristocracy to the one pot-meals of the peasantry, Cajun and Creole cuisine is a rich story of spice and culture.

Four words—complexity, inflexibility, speed and scale—set the current crisis apart from the previous ones. Robert F. Bruner offers antidotes for all four.

A small selection of images and statements from our past issues to reflect on the journey since liberalisation.
When you are heading the world’s largest bank’s India operation, and that too in an unprecedented year for the financial markets, the job is not just about securing deposits, giving loans or doing mergers and acquisitions.
Terrorism exacts a heavy social and economic toll and India has paid dearly for it (BT cover, December 28). The Mumbai terror attacks have inflicted deep psychological wounds that will prove hard to heal.
So what if it was a working day? Nothing like a round of competitive golf at Tolly to sharpen your focus for the next week! Somnath Dasgupta reports.
Editor-in-Chiefs note
Modern business has lots to learn-and lots to learn from. Management education is getting better and more accessible. There are more management books and journals today than ever before.

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