Business Today Archive January 24, 2010 Issue

Edition: January 24, 2010

Cover Story

The challenger

Volkswagen, already top dog in Europe, China and South America, is ready for its big India push. Now that it has an indirect stake in Maruti Suzuki, here's why Indian carmakers ought to be worried.
When a year has been as unbelievably good as 2009 was for the market, the New Year brings with it not just hope but also uncertainty. To quell investor anxiety, BT gets financial market experts to foretell how the different asset classes will fare in 2010.
Editor's Note
The age-old debate on the separation between the church and the state is of special significance to us.
Deal Watch
The Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Hospira Inc. deal for the purchase of the former's generic injectable pharmaceuticals business will benefit both parties.
Captain Gopinath's autobiography is a treasure trove of real life lessons in starting a business.
Remembering R. Ravimohan, By Roopa Kudva, MD and CEO, CRISIL
Leadership Spotlight
The leadership lesson I remember best
"Be fiscally conservative so that you can be creatively reckless" a quote by Peter Chernin that has inspired me.
There is no doubt that MapmyIndia has some of the best maps, but Rs 2,490 for the software is a bit pricey, considering Google Maps (far from perfect, admittedly) is free.
We should learn to do "More with Less" resources so that "More" people can participate in growth... India doesn't have a "forgetting curve" to worry about.
The job market is stable as infrastructure, manufacturing gain ground.
The economic headwinds set off by the downturn did take businesses for a rough-knuckled ride.
An elite panel attempts to answer this question, and more, in this discussion on Securing India's Scientific Future.
Dealing with death on the Internet is almost as tough as real life.
"I can only say that those who didn't give Zoozoos an award at Cannes are first-class idiots"

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