Business Today Archive January 25, 2009 Issue

Edition: January 25, 2009

Banks have hiked various charges and, in some cases, introduced new ones like counting charges on a large cash deposit or withdrawal. Here’s what you should know.
In This Issue
This is the best time to alert readers about the 'Best companies to work for'—together with each company’s responses to many questions: Does it plan any pay cuts? Does it plan to increase headcount by March 2009? Did its headcount in December 2008 increase over the figure for 2007?
There’s no quick-fix turnaround to be expected in the year ahead. BT presents 10 resolutions for 2009 to help India Inc.
Editor's Note
A company is only as good as its people. This may be a self-evident truth, but who exactly are the "good people" and how should companies go about hiring and retaining them? Finding answers to these questions is the biggest corporate challenge of all times. Business Today's best employer survey attempts to address these questions once every year.
Another stimulus from the government, which doesn’t seem enough.
Deal Watch
The biggest deals in December
Reporters Diary
The tolling of the peripheral road built as part of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor has run into trouble over issues of pricing and quality. What does this mean for funding of infrastructure projects?
Ferguson offers insights into the Darwinian quality of finance and lessons for the present, says Chetan Parikh
For most people even faintly concerned about their fitness levels, January is gym season.
Printed Circuit
Tired of living out of a suitcase because of your job? A new videoconferencing system called ‘TelePresence’ might finally save the day.
The small screen has been his home ground, first as an actor and then as a game show host. Shah Rukh Khan, 43, is now going a step further to rule television.
Leadership Spotlight
At 27, this extremely combative opening batsman could impart a few lessons to corporate bosses on how to lead a team to become world-beaters.
Investor activism more than independent directors can keep managements in check.
A new report suggests ways to fix the ‘flaws’ in the functioning of the IIMs, but the prescription has created controversy and resentment among top IIMs.
As far as brazenness goes, Satyam’s boardroom high-jinks are unparalleled. But that doesn’t mean the rest of India Inc. is an epitome of virtuous governance.
The IIMs are on the cusp of some amazing opportunities, but are facing some serious threats that can marginalise them forever. They can collectively provide a bouquet of offerings that can make India a world-class management education hub and knowledge capital for the world.
Congratulations on bringing out A great idea to fruition (The Best Advice I Ever Got, January 11).
The BT-Aditya Birla Group Acumen 2008 finals saw managers of tomorrow engage in a doughty battle of wit, intellect and knowledge.
60 minutes
United Technologies (UTC), the $54.8-billion (Rs 2,74,000-crore) diversified industrial conglomerate, and its 51-year-old President & CEO Louis R. Chênevert, are no strangers to India.

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