Business Today Archive July 10, 2011 Issue

Edition: July 10, 2011

Invest in companies whose businesses get a boost from the season.
Editor's Note
What is it that keeps old companies going, richly and successfully, for a century or longer? This fortnight we look at a number of Indian companies that have been around for one hundred years or longer, and not just survived but in most instances, thrived.
Reporters Diary
The giant in the world of technology has had its ups and downs in recent years and is hardly a 'cool' company anymore. But it is still the stuff legends are made of and remains influential in the world of computing. Business Today visits Microsoft's headquarters to understand its vision of the future of computing.
The book captures the essence of values in sport, values that inspire champion players and champion teams, says Viren Rasquinha.
Starring: Soon Kwon, K. Bharat Kumar, James Mcgill,  David Kohler, Harish Iyer
Leadership Spotlight
The Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Future Capital Holdings V. Vaidyanathan talks about his leadership style.
The former member of Central Board of Direct Taxes Durgesh Shankar shares his insights on black money.
BT More
Volvo finally has a state of the art car in the S60 T6 that gets the heart racing and puts a smile on your face.
In his ninety-five years, saturated with more experiences and achievements than most people could imagine, let alone aspire to, M.F. Husain made both a name for himself in his country and for his country in the world.
With private players, foreign funds and government institutions pitching in, the education sector in India is expanding fast, throwing open a host of new job opportunities.
Your cover story, India's Coolest Startups (June 26), will not only provide a boost to the 10 listed companies but also motivate the five others in line.
Fears of job losses are exaggerated, all stakeholders stand to gain if the sector is opened up, says Raghav Gupta.
Even as you delve into this BT collector's edition on 100-year-old companies, doff your hat to M.F. Husain, 95, who passed away on June 9, leaving behind a rich artistic legacy.
Executive Health
Invest in regular medical check-ups to ward off future ailments, says Anumeha Chaturvedi.

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