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The Unfinished Agenda of Raghuram Rajan

The Unfinished Agenda of Raghuram Rajan

Rajan had already made his presence felt at RBI and on the financial reforms front within those two years. He had made the monetary policy sharply focused on consumer price inflation (CPI). His successor will need to decide which ones to follow through.

Editor's Note
What a fortnight it has been. As we go to press, the United Kingdom has voted in a referendum to exit the European Union. It was a remarkably close vote, practically split down the middle. The markets around the world are going crazy, and in India, the rupee and stock indices are plunging.

A private equity fund managed by Goldman Sachs is in advanced stages of negotiations to invest $200-250 million in Subhash Chandra's road infrastructure company Essel Highways, according to a report in a business news daily.

Increasingly, this is a scenario being played out across the country. In spite of the large number of financial institutions and banks present across the country, access to financial services has been a huge challenge for a majority of the population.
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According to estimates by different agencies and experts, between Rs 1 lakh crore and Rs 3 lakh crore of private contractors' money is stuck with the government due to delays or disputes.
Production of cotton, spices, rubber and coffee has risen sharply since 1990/91. India is now fast emerging as a major exporter of these crops.

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