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The rise of boutique investment banks

The rise of boutique investment banks

In an uncertain economy, Suveen K. Sinha unearths boutique investment banks which are proving better at sealing deals than the big ones. It is not just the lower expenses that make them click with clients. All six that BT spoke to insisted that their clients loved them because they were always there for the clients.
You cannot do without a real estate agent while searching for a home, but take care not to be misled by unscrupulous ones.
After its introduction last year, the Land Acquisition Bill was studied by a non-partisan parliamentary committee. Though its recommendations are not binding, support for legislation in Parliament requires the government of the day to bring the committee on board. Full coverage
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At Business Today, which by the way has confirmed its position as India's most-read business magazine and second-most-read business publication if you include all financial dailies and magazines, according to the latest Indian Readership Survey. 
The book looks at real-life business cases and provides key insights into living.
Starring: Preet Bharara, Sanjeev Sharma, Parikshit Bhasin and Llyod Mathias, Muhtar Kent, Doug Tough, Vijay Babu
Leadership Spotlight
Nikon India's Hiroshi Takashina shares his leadership style.
BT More
The world's best restaurant migrates to Britain for ten days during the Olympic Games.
As drinkers of Indian-made Indian liquor get more prosperous, makers of country liquor such as Globus Spirits, Radico Khaitan, Chandigarh Distilleries and GM Breweries are slowly moving up the ladder, upgrading their technology and packaging.
Your cover story (Watch Your Step, July 8) aptly focussed on some of the vital questions of the hour: ailing leadership, policy paralysis and steps taken to revive the sinking economy.
Quad-core processor is the future of mobile phones and the phones that run on it are 1.6 times quicker, or about 160 per cent faster than their dual-core counterparts.
The slowdown may also hit increments and the variable part of salaries.
Pranab Mukherjee's final stint as finance minister lasted a little over three years. It was a stint he is unlikely to recall with pride.

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