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India's richest investment banks

By helping some of India's mega-corporations make global-size acquisitions and raise billions through public issues, deal makers are making hay. In the first half of 2007, the top 10 investment banks collected some $441 million in fees. The going can only get better.
Liquid funds have a new avatar. Park your savings here.
In This Issue
Indian IT went from $5 billion to near $50 billion in just a decade. But growth hereon will need vastly different strategies.
How software giant Microsoft and a few others are working to make computing affordable and relevant to India's poor.
Editor's Note
Investment banks, which typically earn fees and commissions that are in proportion to the size of deals they broker or issues they manage, have seen a big boost to their earnings in recent months.
India's image has changed now. Currently, India is seen as a knowledge superpower on the brink of global economic and political superpowerdom.
Top Mind
Apple iPhone is a mixed bag. It's Apple's latest device.
Policy Watch
The why, what and how-to of policy making.
News Maker
For R.S. Sharma, 56, who recently took over as CMD of ONGC, the appointment was as challenging as finding oil.
Reporters Diary
A proposed SEZ, 20 km from Bangalore's new international airport, comes under sustained fire from farmers' lobbies and the opposition, but the government and developer refute any underhand deals. 
A former Wal-Mart strategist tells you how to survive and thrive in a world dominated by the retail giant.
Dumb-bells can be used to work out your upper and lower bodies and may, in fact, be much better at helping you strengthen and build your muscles.
Printed Circuit
HP's Dragon is powerful, but it could do with more juice.
The avid traveller is set to hang up his boots at work, but wants to visit Antarctica some time soon.
Leadership Spotlight
B.K. Birla, the grand old man of the Birla clan, prefers to maintain a low profile.
According to the survey by National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER), Delhi and Mumbai continue to be the major centres of wealth in India.
Societe Generale Consumer Finance opts for Kolkata.
Generic drugs will continue to dominate the Indian pharma market over the next five years, but multinational companies are lobbying to shape patent laws to protect their profitability over the long term. How far will they succeed?
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Dumb-bells can be used to work out your upper and lower bodies and may, in fact, be much better at helping you strengthen and build your muscles.
Tarun Sheth answers queries related to your career.

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