Business Today Archive June 13, 2010 Issue

Edition: June 13, 2010

Cover Story

India's top recruiters

Thirteen B-schools, 10 engineering colleges, 2,566 job offers. Who are the top 30 recruiters at the leading professional institutes in India?
Rules tend to overlook the most important part of a financial plan-you. Learn how to customise your strategy according to your personality to increase its efficacy.
Editor's Note
In the last couple of months, some two lakh Indians have entered the job market for the first time in their lives.
The book, Beating the Commodity Trap, addresses a key problem in modern business, but the solutions are oversimplified.
Leadership Spotlight
Here are excerpts of a small Q&A with C.K. Ranganathan Chairman and MD, CavinKare
India's largest watchmaker was buffeted by the slowdown for the last two years. Now the company thinks it's back on track and plans to be a $2.5-billion firm by 2014. Here's how.
Back of the Book
An ancient town weaves technology into tradition to give the Chanderi fabric a new future.
Smart employers have decided to filter freshers for life skills- creativity, confidence, curiosity, learnability and teamwork- rather than technical skills.
Yes it can, but watch out for pitfalls.
Innovation (BT cover, May 30) reinforces the Schumpeterian truth of living in a competitive business environment in which companies need to innovate constantly if they have to succeed.
60 minutes
Applied Materials is the world's biggest solutions and equipment provider to the solar photovoltaic manufacturing industry. That vantage position gives Michael Splinter, Chairman and CEO of the $5-billion (fiscal 2009 revenues) company, a unique view of an industry in a tearing phase of growth worldwide.
 BT met Yashovardhan Birla to discuss his business moves and the future for his business inheritance.
Google's mobile operating system is winning new customers the world over. We are sold too.
Here is a take on people, places and products doing the rounds these days.
PE firms Bain Capital and TPG Capital acquired an undisclosed stake in Lilliput Kidswear—manufacturer, retailer and exporter of children's apparel—for close to Rs 385 crore.

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