Business Today Archive June 14, 2009 Issue

Edition: June 14, 2009

Cover Story

UPA: No time to lose

Congress-led United Progressive Alliance’s spectacular victory in the Lok Sabha has expectations and sentiments riding high. Bold actions must follow—soon.
Investors are now increasingly running to financial planners to fix their out-of-shape investment portfolios. BT looks at the reasons behind the trend.
Editor's Note
Every time the UPA government proposed even half a reform that had a hint of liberalisation, the Left parties would come down on it like a tonne of bricks-and would do so with relish, fanfare and on camera. This almost-blind opposition to reforms must stand out as one reason for their electoral defeat-a lesson the Left would hopefully imbibe, even if it doesn't admit.
Deal Watch
Essar Group-owned BPO firm, Aegis, has announced the acquisition of Australia-based UCMS Group for Rs 184.3 crore ($37.2 million) in an allcash deal.
What does one do after building one of the world’s most respected and admired companies? Try and fix the country, of course. That’s the agenda charted out by Infosys founder and ex-CEO N.R. Narayana Murthy in his debut book A Better India: A Better World.
Of the few thousand-odd e-mails and letters that Men’s Health receives every month, a sizeable number have little to do with health and fitness, nutrition, sex or any other core topic that the magazine talks about.
Printed Circuit
Hotmail is working better than ever, though Gmail has its loyal band of followers. The battle for the soul of the Internet just got more interesting.
The Ambani bahus were on the move last fortnight— Mumbai Indian team-owner Nita Ambani in South Africa and Tina Ambani back home as the Chairperson of Kokilaben Hospital.
Leadership Spotlight
Wall Street banks and cricketing elevens are as likely to be spoken of in the same breath as Glass-Steagall and Duckworth & Lewis.
Dalal Street is in celebratory mode, but it may be a bit early to pop the champagne.
Has the debate on the role of independent directors begun to echo in company boardrooms or is there a case for scrapping the idea of them as protectors of minority shareholders?
As BPOs catch on to the domestic market’s potential, small towns look attractive locations.
Back of the Book
Lost jobs, troubled economy, and shaky stock markets drive Indian workforce to therapists of all kinds.
Why Obama’s proposed overhaul of the US tax code may not negate Bangalore’s appeal to corporate America.
The fizz is back (BT cover story, May 31) is a gripping read about Coca-Cola India chief Atul Singh’s exemplary leadership.
60 minutes
Reddy, the 67-year-old bureaucrat-turned-banker, is credited with making carefully calibrated moves to save the Indian banking system in the face of the global meltdown and ensure that it remained unscathed.
Our fifth annual listing of companies that are hip and happening. This listing is not an “objective” one made by researchers poring over data.

Tough economic conditions take a toll on employee engagement, according to a study.

The recent run-up in stock prices notwithstanding, a host of Indian promoters has little choice but to either sell assets or equity to survive the downturn.

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