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These big borrowers shed debt better than others

These big borrowers shed debt better than others

The RBI and the government are forcing big borrowers to reduce leverage. Some companies are managing it better than others.
Editor's Note
In 2003, the global economy started growing rapidly, after two years of lacklustre growth following the great tech crash of 1999/2000. The growth peaked in 2006, and the year 2007 continued to be nearly as good. In the western countries, the growth was largely fuelled by a housing bubble and a boom in the financial markets that were creating and trading in all sorts of exotic instruments.
People who made news
The Modi government's first two years will be remembered for several landmark steps such as Jan Dhan Yojana and Make In India, an initiative to encourage local manufacturing for job creation.
BT More
The Fio Cookhouse at Epicuria, Nehru Place has a way of cutting the rest of crowded house. Its interiors and elegant bar make you forget about the world for a while.
International Forum on Urban Policy for Sustainable Development Goals to be held in Seoul from June 8.
Drip irrigation not only saves water, but is also proving a bonanza for companies that manufacture the irrigation systems. The pioneer among them is Jain Irrigation Systems.
The challenge for the five-member review committee is to chart out a more effective FRBM road map.

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