Business Today Archive June 22, 2014 Issue

Edition: June 22, 2014

Editor's Note
Bangalore's most famous employer is struggling with exits at the top level as Co-founder and Chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy tries to pull the company out of the hole it is in, writes BUSINESS TODAY Managing Editor Josey Puliyenthuruthel.
A meticulously detailed account of the uneasy Sino-Indian relationship.
People who made the news this past fortnight. Featuring: Sanjay K Singh, Aron Ain, S Narsing Rao, Vikram Agarwal, Michael Sullivan.
Leadership Spotlight
Canon India President & CEO Kazutada Kobayashi talks to BUSINESS TODAY about the many firsts in his life.
Capgemini took a little time in adopting India as its global hub for offshoring but is now going full throttle.
BT More
Events you should attend in June.
BUSINESS TODAY readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage -
Differences between the government and Indian companies over how much tax the latter should pay have been growing. The total amount disputed by end-March 2013 was a whopping Rs 4.37 lakh crore.
What made news recently: Flipkart buys Myntra, CAD narrows, GDP below 5 per cent for second year in a row and more.
B-School Debate
Business Today throws open a debate to B-school students. This fortnight's topic: Growth, not inflation, should be Narendra Modi's priority.
A Paris-based start-up, Gecko Biomedical has shown in animal testing that its adhesive can be elastic enough to hold heart tissue, despite the heart pumping at 180 beats per minute.

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