Business Today Archive June 27, 2010 Issue

Edition: June 27, 2010

Being too aggressive or conservative in your approach to investment is as bad as being a habitual procrastinator. Here's solution to suit your temperament.
Editor's Note
Unlike money, entrepreneurship doesn't go in short supply during slowdowns. Why? Because opportunities don't get scarce in a downturn and nor does innovation.
Giving employees the most preferred treatment isn't a new philosophy, but is rare. Practising it is rarer still than preaching it. Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies, practised and demonstrated its transformational impact before preaching about it in the forthcoming book. Here, he talks of the story behind the book. Excerpts from the conversation with BT and the book.
Leadership Spotlight
Here is a small Q&A with Sanjeev Chadha, Chairman, PepsiCo, India Region
Goal: To train 500 million Indians over the next 10 years. Possible now: Less than five million a year. But, as this exclusive McKinsey article argues, the gap is an opportunity for private entrepreneurs to make India a factory for skilled talent.
Companies in value-added services sector up the hiring ante.
BT More
Merc has launched the spiritual successor to its award-winning 300SL-the SLS AMG. BT More travelled 20,000 km to drive the car on the La Carrera Panamericana, the scene of the supercar's earliest glories.
Happy times are here again for MBA and engineering graduates in India (India's Top Recruiters, BT cover, June 13).
60 minutes
A reporter, a foreign correspondent, an overseas bureau chief, a deputy editor, a managing editor, an editor and publisher-and now Chief Executive! That's a splendid career graph and it belongs to John Ridding, CEO of Financial Times.
More Indians than ever before are travelling abroad and taking their phones along. The savvy ones don't go roaming.
Your work life is a blur and stress is a constant. Here's a fix.
The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are working up a lather once again after a prolonged lull in sales growth, if the latest figures from AC Nielsen is anything to go by.

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