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Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock...

Despite the recent price hikes in India, oil is a ticking time bomb that will be defused only by a sharp drop in demand and, in the long run, alternative sources of energy. Meanwhile, brace up for the coming pain. Business Today's Rishi Joshi reports.
All asset classes don’t move in tandem. The trick is to diversify portfolio across assets and cut risks. Find out how to create an optimal portfolio.
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They may still be larger than life, but these days they’re no longer that large to be unable to fit snugly into the small screen. A host of Bollywood superstars—a few who are at their peak, along with a few who’re set to peak out and a few who peaked out some time ago—have begun gravitating towards television and are pocketing big bucks in the process. Anusha Subramanian reports.
As the chairman of the Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA), D. Swarup is the man who will oversee the New Pension Scheme for central and state government employees.
Editor's Note
As our cover package points out, the massive subsidies being doled out by the government to shield consumers from high oil prices may actually be compromising the country's long-term ability to sustain high growth rates and also oil conservation efforts.
After much dithering, the government finally summoned the courage to increase fuel prices. With crude prices crossing $130 (Rs 5,590) per barrel, there was an air of inevitability about the decision. But trust our politicians to act difficult on an issue that is clearly ballooning into a major crisis for the global economy. The recent price revision is too little too late.
Top Mind
It is a nationwide toll-free number that can be used to contact the emergency medical response services.
Policy Watch
The government is bracing itself for the worst on crude prices. While officially it has projected that the under-recoveries of the oil marketing companies will be around Rs 2,45,000 crore during 2008-09, estimating oil at $125 per barrel, it has also chalked out an alternate strategy just in case oil prices flare up again.
News Maker
Thirty-three years after he dropped out of Harvard in his first year and founded Microsoft, William Gates III, 53, better known as Bill Gates, will finally cut his day-to-day ties with the company he started with childhood friend Paul Allen.
Ranked: At #6, the Tata Group in the annual Global 200: The World’s Best Corporate Reputations list, compiled by the US-based Reputation Institute. The Tata Group leapfrogged over 100 positions from last year’s 124th rank. India’s most valued firm, Reliance Industries, failed to make the grade.
Reporters Diary
Farmers in Barabanki have turned successful mentha entrepreneurs with a little help from a technology institute. They have found in methanol mint a crop that is ideal for plugging the gap between rabi crop (wheat or potatoes) and kharif crop (rise). Almost 70 per cent of the total arable land in the district is being used to cultivate the "bonus" cash crop in addition to the traditional food crops. A report by Kapil Bajaj.
A corporate potboiler on Mittal Steel’s hard-fought battle for Arcelor.
BT More
The new entrants in the Indian wine business have a lot of catching up to do. They also have the advantage of learning from the mistakes of others and not repeating them. The way the Indian wine market is shaping up, the new entrants won’t have the luxury, like the early birds, of getting away with mediocrity.
The routine most likely to get neglected in gyms are leg workouts. And, as I’ve noticed, it’s more men that tend to neglect working out their leg muscles than women.
Printed Circuit
Need a reason to get a new console? Here is a very good one.
Hewlett-Packard’s Neelam Dhawan; Arun Sarin, CEO, Vodafone; MindTree Consulting’s Subroto Bagchi; Shantanu Prakash, Managing Director, Educomp Solutions; Rajan Anandan, former Country Head, Dell India; and ING Group’s M. Damodaran.
Leadership Spotlight
After completing management degree at Harvard Business School, the younger of Rahul Bajaj’s two sons, Sanjiv, was looking to repair the company’s books, while elder brother Rajiv tried to get the company’s products straightened out.

With the inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) season drawing to a close, the eyeballs have started returning to traditional modes of entertainment. General entertainment channels (GECs), which saw viewers migrate to instant cricket, are reporting a surge in viewership.

The high-profile Sahara Group comes under the RBI’s lens. If the Sahara Group does lose in the court room, the impact would doubtless be felt on its other businesses, including real estate, media and other financial services like mutual funds and insurance.
The civil aviation industry in India is neck-deep in trouble. India’s airlines lost Rs 4,000 crore last year and may lose more this year. A couple of airlines may even go under. How did fortunes suddenly turn in an industry that was witnessing 20 per cent passenger growth till as recently as six months ago? Kushan Mitra finds out.
Back of the Book
The National Entrepreneurship Network is pushing college students towards entrepreneurship and has attracted some high-profile backing.
Here’s a look at how the next generation of India Inc’s leaders is being primed.
It is truly the beginning of good times for the Indian consumer. The entry of big players into retail will establish the consumers’ sovereignty. Small retailers simply cannot match the variety of offerings that organised retail promises.

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