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Amid downturn, Coca-Cola, Pepsi face challenge from desi companies

Amid downturn, Coca-Cola, Pepsi face challenge from desi companies

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are under siege as consumer preference shifts to low-sugar, low-calorie soft drinks from a host of domestic companies.

Editor's Note
Coca-Cola and Pepsi have not exactly had a peaceful existence in India. In the 1970s, Coke was the only game in town bar a few small regional brands like Duke, but the per capita consumption of soft drinks was minuscule and India was not a big market of beverages by any stretch of imagination.

When it comes to becoming a successful marketer, insatiable curiosity is an indispensible trait.

On her second visit to India, Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle. spoke on a range of topics - the immigrant issue in the US, start-ups, GST and the India plans of Oracle.
Internet speed is the second-most crucial factor for a telecom consumer after tariffs. Three agencies - opensignal, trai and ookla - test mobile internet speeds. Each follows a different method, leaving consumers with little clarity on whose data network is the fastest. We bring the latest test results

Why the latest ordinance on bad loans may end up making things worse than they already are

Money Today

Earnings recovery is still uncertain, but good investment opportunities can always be found in buoyant markets

Letters to the Editor business today magazine

Early bird corporate results show there is little reason to cheer.


Lightweight operating systems are faster, cheaper and the new favourite among PC manufacturers


Bulls are still betting on the PM, but the stock market rally could fizzle out if the BJP-led government doesnt deliver on its promises.


With the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) coming into force from May 1, there is hope that the interests of consumers would be protected and transparency ensured in the sector.

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