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India gains as China begins to lose its manufacturing edge

India gains as China begins to lose its manufacturing edge

One of the major factors tilting the scales in favour of manufacturing in India is favourable movements in the foreign-exchange market. The yuan has climbed 7.2 per cent against the US dollar in the past three years and 35.3 per cent in the past decade, making China's exports costlier.
Editor's Note
In areas where labour costs crimp margins, spending on logistics ratchet up with volumes, and as the yuan continues to strengthen, you will see new factories increasingly hum in India, not in China.
Self-improvement books are a yawn, but interesting stories redeem Prakash Iyer's The Habit of Winning.
Jewellers are also tweaking contemporary designs to lend them a vintage touch. Kundan jewellery from Rajasthan with a unique style and a rich legacy is an example.
The 65-year-old food industry veteran built MTR Foods into a giant, and sold it seven years ago. Now his Maiyas brand is challenging the empire he founded.
For a country with an alarmingly high fiscal deficit, India can hardly afford oil subsidies. But sound economics is often trumped by populist politics in the world's largest democracy, especially with a general election around the corner.

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