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Internet-based firms catching up fast as best companies to work for

Internet-based firms catching up fast as best companies to work for

The annual BT-PeopleStrong survey finds that companies such as Amazon and Flipkart, are moving up the aspirational ladder.
Editor's Note
There are no standard prescriptions for creating a great workplace. And over the years, the benchmark for what constitutes a good workplace as opposed to a bad one has gone up many times.
There are reports that Mittu Chandilya, the young boss at low-cost airline AirAsia India, has decided to call it quits in less than three years after joining the carrier.
A sluggish economy, high borrowing costs and the rupee depreciation has taken its toll on India Inc.
The 'start-up' buzzword has created a positive circle of influence in the overall ecosystem.
Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage.
Entrepreneurs and HR practitioners descended in droves to witness two scintillating panel discussions on: (a) Analyse IT: Is HR Analytics a boon or a curse?, and (b) Attrition: Can it be a good thing?
Among the big five of IT companies, Wipro has slipped from No. 2 to No. 4 in the past decade.
There have been calls for removal of minimum alternate tax, levied on book profits of companies whose tax liabilities as per the income tax laws are either zero or very low.

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