Business Today Archive March 21, 2010 Issue

Edition: March 21, 2010

Inflation is the hydra-headed monster that feeds on not only your income but also your investments. BT shows you how.
A nifty medical device combined with a non-profit group powers telemedicine in UP and MP. Wimax and 3G networks could be the big game changer for Neurosynaptic.
Editor's Note
Nirmal runs an electronics repair shop in Delhi. A migrant from Jharkhand, he wanted the Union Budget to deliver better education for his children, more low-cost housing and better access to loans for small businessmen like him.
Deal Watch
Germany-based MHM Holding (MHM) has proposed the acquisition and subsequent delisting of Micro Inks' fully-paid equity shares.
The book does a great job of explaining the intricacies of the venture capital sector to various stakeholders.
Dr Reddy's Labs has learnt plenty from a global acquisition that went spectacularly awry. Just one of those lessons: Build depth before breadth.
Budget speech on 28th February, Friday, 2014.
FMCG majors offer the entire spectrum of experience. Good news: Hiring is on.
What I find most emblematic of Gen Next:The New Inheritors (BT cover, March 7) is their passion for finding new purpose and their enthusiasm for redrawing the profiles of their family-run businesses.
60 minutes
Despite a high exposure to the US market, AEGON under Alexander R. Wynaendts, Chairman (Executive Board) and CEO, had only a very small exposure to the toxic mortgages
Digital photography overloading you and your computer? Google's latest iteration of Picasa should be able to help you.
Here's a look at the people, places and products doing the rounds these days.

The iconis Maruti 800 is in its last lap. With carmaker Maruti Suzuki deciding not to sell the model anymore in the top 13 cities of the country, the car that middle-class India steered for over 26 years is set to be mothballed.

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