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Edition: March 6, 2011

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See-saw Sensex

See-saw Sensex

If the predictions hold, this year will be choppy, with more and more fund managers on the Street coming around to the view that the Bombay Stock Exchange's benchmark index, Sensex, will end flat this year, if not in the negative.
Mutual fund houses are wooing parents with niche offerings that promise to help build a corpus for their children.
Editor's Note
India's stock markets are still very shallow; just 3 per cent of household savings go into equities, and 200 of 5,000 listed stocks account for 80 per cent of market capitalisation. One way is to diversify into commodities. Commodities derivatives trading volume totalled a breathtaking Rs 8.3 trillion in 2010 - a 300 per cent leap in four years!
Reading about 'How tos' won't help you build a talent bank, but it is a start, says Saumya Bhattacharya.
Starring: Anil Moolchandani, Tanya Goyal, M. Damodaran, Dr Sabahat Azim, U.K. Sinha, Paul Kerr, Amit Sood
Leadership Spotlight
Executive Chairman of the Himalaya Drug Company Ravi Prasad talks about his leadership style.
The people in scam-tainted former telecom minister A. Raja's hometown languish at the bottom of the development pyramid.
When discussions around appraisals begin, a number of people are in for unpleasant surprises in terms of feedback. This results in both anger and attrition.
BT More
Smarten up this summer by celebrating all things linen.
Tied Down Economy (cover story, February 20) utilised sound data to highlight the India Slowing story. It prescribed correct directions to concretise ongoing initiatives so we don't veer away from the growth path.
Innovation in India is not just about patents filed but about affordable scalable solutions.
Can social networks really bring down a government?
A multitude of brands in their basket, homeshopping channels are a big hit and may well be the new face of alternative retail.
Case Study
Rising input prices coupled with poor access to capital and markets are pushing weavers into other professions.
The earnings season gives indications that corporate India might find the going tough in the next few quarters, says Vikas Khemani.

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