Business Today Archive March 7, 2010 Issue

Edition: March 7, 2010

A buoyant stock market makes exchange traded funds an attractive investment option that combines the relative safety of MFs and the freedom and flexibility of investing directly in stocks.
A clutch of enterprising NextGen scions is spreading its wings outside the traditional businesses of the family.
Editor's Note
Today's young inheritors of business-a large number of whom have taken guard in the past one year as the 3rd or 4th generation of their family businesses-are faced with unprecedented opportunities.
Pursuing global auto giants to pick one as the partner, developing a modern supplier base, keeping politicians and lobbyists at bay... Maruti's founding management team braced all this and much more to create the iconic car.
Leadership Spotlight
Here are excerpts of a small Q&A with D. Shivakumar, Managing Director, Nokia India.
One of India's most intelligent economists has the chance to redefine the role and relevance of the office of the Chief Economic Advisor, and influence the political economy.
Back of the Book
With funds from the Rajus of Satyam Computer Services not flowing in anymore, a foundation set up by them for rural transformation has reinvented itself to survive.
BT More
I found out at minus 15 degrees in Lapland, Finland, that nothing in this world is immune to marriage with wine, not even reindeer meat.
The multitude of overlapping roles individuals play within a family business make it a unique challenge to manage.
Retail push triggers action on the hiring front, says Ma Foi.
SRK Inc. (BT cover, Feb. 21) is a vivid tribute to the actor's phenomenal cinematic career and box office success.
The 15-year-old BT-Honda Pro-Am Championship ushers in a new decade as it tees off in the financial capital.
60 minutes
He not only teaches and researches family businesses but also advises them in depth — hence the designation "clinical professor".
The web's new coding paradigm, HTML5, is going to drastically reshape the Internet, or so we are told. But will it?
It's simple. Keep an eye on the goal.
Abhishek "Sirji" Bachchan has now become a tree to promote Idea Cellular's new "Green Planet" campaign and the ad has already topped the Business Today-TAM Peoplemeter System's monthly ranking of India's most watched ads.

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