Business Today Archive March 8, 2009 Issue

Edition: March 8, 2009

Cover Story

Time to talk

Strategies to fight the downturn can be effective only if they are communicated well to the employees. Here’s how a few companies are doing it.
In This Issue
Employees as well as employers are struggling in this financial downturn—the employees to find jobs in a market where very few companies want to hire and employers to carry out layoffs as gently and painlessly as possible, and failing miserably. Saumya Bhattacharya reports. 
The third annual survey of visitors to the IT sector’s annual congregation captures the uncertainty that has enveloped the industry.
Editor's Note
For the first time in India, the economic interests of employers and employees are at loggerheads on such a large scale. Though not deliberately, companies are securing their future by making the future of their employees insecure. The hunt is on to root out "excess" staff from the payrolls and emerge leaner and meaner to take on the challenges of the economic meltdown.
Ranked: Mukesh Ambani, CEO of Reliance Industries, as the third richest CEO by Forbes magazine, in a list of 10 wealthiest CEOs.
Deal Watch
India’s and the world’s most talked-about CEOs in December
Krugman gives us a lucid tour of history’s worst slumps. Unfortunately, he also proves that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.
It was almost 11 P.M.— closing time at the gym—and I was on my way out when I suddenly heard sounds of commotion coming from the workout floor.
Printed Circuit
Tired of your phone’s pre-installed browser? You have options;more, in fact,than on a PC.
BT More
At 26, Roshini Vadehra is already one of the key figures in the art world. She knows her way around a Chinese menu, too.
She needs no introduction. Erin Brockovich, 48, took the world by storm when, in 1996, she spearheaded one of the largest direct action lawsuits in the history of the US against PG&E, a utility company in California.
Leadership Spotlight
It can’t be easy being the CEO of a company whose erstwhile promoter is in jail, whose cash position is uncertain and whose clients and employers appear poised to fly the coop.
McKinsey blobal survey
A handful of low-priced, low-volume stocks saw their prices spike up sharply for no apparent reason. What was at work?
No working mechanism to deal with personal insolvencies and bankruptcies exists even though EMIs have replaced MRPs for most big consumables. It’s time India introduces an efficient mechanism to deal with personal bankruptcy cases. Manu Kaushik reports.
Back of the Book
The current economic crisis has exposed the Indian floriculture industry’s over-dependence on Valentine’s Day and the demand for roses surrounding it. N. Madhavan checks out the scenario.
At a time when urban jobs are dwindling, microfinance’s many economic enterprises are generating significant direct and indirect employment, mostly in the rural areas—provided you have the right skills and aptitude.Saumya Bhattacharya goes into the details.
Just as Satyam has dented the image of the Indian IT industry, Price waterhouse Coopers, the auditing firm, has sullied the fair name of the accounting profession (BT cover, February 22).

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