Business Today Archive May 17, 2009 Issue

Edition: May 17, 2009

Gold has become an attractive option for investors over the short to medium term. Several new and innovative schemes for investing in the yellow metal have been launched recently.
In This Issue
Four young musicians from Bangalore are helping companies improve the team spirit of their employees and heighten productivity by organising ‘drum circles’. And they are making a cool profit as well, finds out K.R. Balasubramanyam.
The slowdown was just the kick-start that most of these dyed-in-the-wool corporate honchos needed to fulfill their dream of starting up on their own.
Editor's Note
Information technology, or simply it. On college campuses, these two words have been a source of ambition and aspiration. On stock markets, they have symbolised wealth creation. In Indian industry, they have represented the very best in new entrepreneurship.
Top Mind
Adobe has devised a system by which you can check out your favourite online content while watching TV.
Appointed: Naina Lal Kidwai, who was until now the CEO of HSBC in India, as the country head and chairperson of all HSBC Group companies in India.
Deal Watch
In a deal valued at Rs 333 crore, AAA United BV, promoted by European fashion retailer Bestseller, has acquired a 20.67 per cent stake in Bombay Rayon Fashions, a fast-growing fashion garments exporting company.
Reporters Diary
P. Chidambaram—who during his various stints as finance minister has come to be seen as the champion of economic reforms in the country—communicates reforms to his people and, in fact, implements them. He is one politician who can sell good economics as good politics. N. Madhavan visits his constituency, Sivaganga, to test the hypothesis.
This book explores how a chronically loss-making, state-run enterprise was transformed into a money machine—offering key lessons to even the best-run private companies.

In order to help you find out where you stand accurately, Men’s Health experts have put together the following test which will assess your baseline fitness based on five fundamentals.
Printed Circuit
There is more to intelligent TV buying than knowing the difference between a plasma and an LCD or telling Full HD from HD Ready. Step into an electronics store and you will be confronted with terms such as response rate, hertz rate and WiseLink—all totalling up to a price difference of more than Rs 20,000 even between two Full HD LCDs of the same size. KUSHAN MITRA explains some of these terms to help you make a better purchase.

It’s a demonstration of an institution’s bench strength that within days of two of their top honchos putting in their papers, their replacements were announced: Especially when the outgoers have nursed the businesses since inception. This is exactly what ICICI Group did recently.
Leadership Spotlight
In her 28 years at ICICI Group, Shikha Sharma has earned the reputation of the woman with the Midas touch, making a success of every division she has started.
The fortnight’s burning question. Will we see a further slashing of interest rates by the RBI in the short term?
Some 16 months ago, Anthony Bolton, the 55-year-old MD (Investments) of Fidelity International, passed on the baton to a younger breed of fund managers at Fidelity Special Situations Fund, a value-focussed, often contrarian equity portfolio, in the UK.
Volkswagen is one of many foreign automakers—with the exception of well-entrenched, market leaders Maruti and Hyundai— who are busy expanding their plants and launching new product lines in India, despite the global economic slowdown and flat auto sales. Foreign automakers’ still plan of investing in new plants and products in India. Clifford Alvares reports.
Turning current business challenges into leadership development opportunities will ensure faster bottom-line impact, and accelerate the development of future leaders, say Faridun Dotiwala and Gautam Kumra of McKinsey.

The Legal Process Outsourcing industry offers a new career opportunity, with substantial pay packets.

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