Business Today Archive May 19, 2019 Issue

Edition: May 19, 2019

Cover Story

The End Of The Super CEO

The End Of The Super CEO

Larger than life CEOs are becoming history as technologies and new management equations change businesses.

Editors note
One reason is that despite all the discussions and noise, the gap between the CEO's (and other top management) compensation and that of the average worker has only widened over time.
Leadership Spotlight

Under his leadership, the IT services company saw a 46 per cent revenue increase last year and its team strength grew over 30 per cent.

The Buzz
Forty-nine per cent candidates (Phase I) said their educational qualification was graduation or above. This was 48 per cent in Phase II and 43 per cent in Phase III.
The Hub

Deep-pocketed global investors are getting ready to monetise commercial real estate assets owned jointly with Indian partners.

The Break-Out Zone
Versa Lite is the most affordable iteration of the US-based company's 2018 best-seller Fitbit Versa.

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